Joe Harding

chief executive officer

With an MPS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology Joe is deeply committed to creating opportunities for people to find purpose-driven work that elevates their potential, enhances their lives, and enriches community bonds. As an I/O Psychologist, Joe prioritizes building positive, welcoming, and people- centric workplaces that enhance employee satisfaction and performance—an often-overlooked priority for fitness industry employers. As CEO of Insp1re, Joe is committed to rectifying the fitness industry’s standard for personal trainers, clients, and health and wellness partners.

As a military veteran, Joe’s relationship with fitness and nutrition spans beyond the physicality’s—seeing personal wellness as a tool for self-improvement and a catalyst for positive community change. His commitment to transforming the fitness industry is deeply personal—seeing holistic wellness as the most critical component to advancing people’s access to new opportunities that support their life’s evolution.

Joe has a deep appreciation for his local gym community and the accountability and personal growth he has achieved through his friendships in this environment. Joe’s built lifelong friendships from his gym and is passionate about creating opportunities to share these deeply foundational life experiences with Insp1re’s clients.

Reflecting on his personal and professional experience, Joe identified a challenge (which happens to be
his second most favorite thing to do after hitting the gym): How can the singular experience of living a healthy lifestyle be multiplied to create a community-driven path to personal betterment for everyone seeking it? After canvassing everyone at his local watering hole, he tapped the Insp1re co-founders to create a solution to this challenge; Insp1re was born.

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