Bethany Churner

Chief Community + Culture Officer

Bethany is an educator at heart. After earning her B.A. in Early Childhood and Special Education she spent her professional career as a teacher, business owner and entrepreneur, Certified Nutrition Coach, and family assistant and tutor. Beth’s life-calling is to spread joy and help people connect to their. greater potential by meeting them where they are—seeing curiosity and asking impactful questions as the foundation to building healthy client/trainer relationships. 
As a connector and empath, Beth works closely with her clients to bridge the gap between their current and future selves by creating customized nutrition and fitness plans that push them to achieve their. most ambitious long-term goals while celebrating and encouraging short-term “wins.” Her desire to forge interpersonal connections with her clients is paramount (she’s always the first person to ask “how are you feeling today?) 
Because everyone’s fitness journey is as unique and nuanced as their life story, Beth’s approach to helping clients achieve their wellness and fitness results is a customized plan that accounts for differences in biological makeup, key motivators, and past and present environments. 
Beth has spent her life being physically active and intentional about what she puts in her body, taking a freedom-based approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle instead of assuming a rigid and restrictive nutrition plan. She believes food is fuel and encourages her clients to focus less on superficial standards of body archetypes and more on what makes them feel like a better version of themselves —guiding her clients to find quality whole foods, create well-rounded habits, and ultimately improve every area of their life. 
Her desire to lead the Insp1re team stems from her unwavering belief that good food, intentional movement, and a positive mindset are essential to becoming a better version of ourselves – to then show up fully for the people and communities we care about. As a lifelong teacher, coach, and learner, Beth fosters a connection between the mind and body to guide Insp1re’s coaches and clients by providing them with the support they need to achieve their life’s most ambitious goals.

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