Scott Churner

Director of training innovation

As a high school and college swimmer, Scott’s formative years were driven by a passion for physical performance. His athletic journey led him to a profound realization:

While his commitment to exercise contributed to his peak physical condition, it played a pivotal role in preserving and enhancing his mental and emotional well-being. Recognizing the transformative power of exercise in building emotional resilience, Scott embarked on a mission to share his holistic fitness approach, inspiring people to achieve not only physical excellence, but mental and emotional wellbeing.

After a serious motocross accident in college, Scott was sidelined from physical exercise for almost two years. Determined to overcome his physical limitations, he dove into (swimmer speak) non-traditional recovery practices, incorporating physical therapy, daily yoga practice, mindful movement, and breath work to support his healing journey.

Scott’s passion for unconventional wellness practices led him to pursue his M.S. in Exercise Physiology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he concentrated on the science of athletic performance, how physical activity effects aging, and societal wellbeing. After graduating, he moved to New York to focus on sprinting mechanics and integrating fundamental movements into fast-paced activities. While in New York, Scott trained several NCAA Division I & II athletes, a USA Olympic Rugby player, and an NFL football player during his off-season.

Over the last six years, Scott founded a personal training gym in central Texas where he supports clients with personalized fitness and nutrition coaching and connects them with a supportive community that. facilitates meaningful change through a more holistic approach to well-being. During this time, not only has he impacted the community of general population gym goers but also worked with many NCAA Division I, II & III athletes, a USA Olympic Triple Jumper, and several professional basketball players who competed in leagues in Europe & Australia. Despite facing the inherent challenges of going against the “traditional” fitness model, his client successes have been monumental.

Now, with the launch of Ins1re, Scott’s ready to take his fitness approach to the next level by leveraging the current fitness industry’s evolving landscape to create more flexible and accessible fitness solutions, that transcend geographical constraints to connect with a global audience, offing a more dynamic, personalized, and impactful fitness experience—for all.

For Scott, Insp1re isn’t just a progression in the fitness industry, but a revolutionary platform designed to redefine the trainer coaching experience be providing trainers with continuing education opportunities, resources, and consistent support mechanisms to that nurture the training community and make them the best at what they do.

Scott’s vision is to connect clients and coaches to something larger than themselves, understanding that the desire to be part of a community that contributes positively to the world is a powerful motivator and that people’s fitness journey is not just a personal endeavor but an integral part of a collective effort to change lives and make a global impact to improve health and wellness.

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